CPAC’s Ian Walters, Liberals’ Latest Target

Because of a family issue, I had to miss last week’s CPAC. Along with missing the great speakers, and losing the opportunity to out with the best and brightest of conservative blogging,  one of my biggest disappointments was not being able to spend time with someone who has become a good friend over the years Ian Walters, communications director of the American Conservative Union, and the guy who runs CPAC.

I know Ian to be a sensitive person, someone who is tolerant of people no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, but even those with an arrogant sense of self-importance.

Ian is a man who not only believes in the ACU but a strong proponent of conservatism.

This year Ian had the opportunity to make a speech during the conference. He spoke about the future of conservatism and the need for the GOP to reach out to minorities to expand their voter base. 



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