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Around $10bn is being spent on finding a vaccine for coronavirus—it’s not nearly enough. And even when a covid-19 vaccine is found how should it be distributed fairly? Our experts answer your questions.

00:50 – Will there ever be a “silver-bullet” vaccine?
01:41 – How long would it take for the whole world to be vaccinated?
02:25 – Who benefits financially from the vaccine?
03:54 – How much will each vaccine cost?
05:10 – What percentage of Americans do you estimate will choose not to get vaccinated, and how much of an issue will this be?
06:44 – In an ideal world, how should a vaccine be optimally distributed?
07:21 – Will new versions of the vaccine be required periodically?
07:54 – Will developing countries receive equal access to the vaccine, or will they be left behind?
08:50 – Should richer countries pay for vaccines in the developing world?
10:01 – How should we respond to crises like this one in the future?

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