Cover Up? Susan Rice Unmasking Records Moved To Obama Library To Stay Classified

By Andrew West

While former President Barack Obama has been out of office for well over 6 months, his influence on Washington D.C. remains reprehensibly intact.

When it was announced that the Obama family would be staying in the beltway area after their patriarch’s disastrous stint in the Oval Office, a great many republicans rolled their eyes, believing that Obama was sticking around due to an anticipated job with the democrats’ inevitable Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Then, when that was ultimately foiled by the nation’s conservative uprising, the former President went about hiring a 12-man team of Washington insiders to “keep tabs” on the newly-minted President.  This further infuriated the right, who rightfully view Obama as a meddling nuisance hoping to trip up the Trump machine.

Now, as we discover that even more sinister attempts to thwart Trump were at hand, namely in the case of Susan Rice’s unmasking of the Trump transition team…



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