County’s land grab trumped by new state law

A county in Florida that simply took over the private beach property belonging to homeowners and then opened it to the public has had its hand slapped, and more, by a new state law that reverses its “theft.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed House Bill 631 that provides appropriate provisions for homeowners to expel from their property those who do not have their permission to be there.

According to a statement from Christina Martin, of the Pacific Legal Foundation, which took up the fight on behalf of landowners Edward and Delanie Goodwin, the county not only took the land, but then banned the landowners from even expressing their opinions, announcing fines for the Goodwins for having two “private property” signs and another that said, “If Walton County Wants My Property, It Must Pay For It – U.S. Constitution.”

The new law addresses “Possession of Real Property” and is



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