Could a naval blockade of North Korea work?

Due to the help of its neighbors, sanctions on North Korea may need to be augmented by a naval blockade. Both China and Russia, while claiming to support sanctions on the rogue nation, apparently are allowing smuggling of sorts to continue. The United States has used blockades by naval forces in the past. This might be a little dicier. Here is the proposal.

As Written and Reported By Gregory Keeley for Fox News:

U.N. sanctions against commerce with North Korea are proving toothless. In the last few days we have learned via open sourced U.S. and Western intelligence that both China and Russia are selling oil and petro chemicals to North Korea. The sales are in violation of U.N. Security Council sanctions.  The sales permit continued development of the rogue nation’s nuclear weapons program.

Existing U.N. sanctions simply stop the Kim regime sourcing oil on the open market. The U.S. can



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