Cost Cutting Measures for Congress

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With the Trump administration cutting government expenses at every turn, I’d like to offer some humble advice as just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin to, in my opinion, make the Congress  more efficient, and relieve us, the tax payers, of the burden of supporting the new royalty we have grown to know and love.

Congress is a great place to work, don’t you think. Big fancy offices with real leather cushy chairs so your butt don’t hurt. Cute interns, male or female, depending on which side of the blanket you sleep on, and those perks! Oh my Living God! All a congress person has to bring to Washington is a toothbrush, and even that’s not written in stone, to start laying down the law for the rest of us peons to follow. And even that’s not a given. That’s assuming they show up for work.



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