Corruption or confusion? Ethics trouble for Trump Cabinet

White House (Photo: Flickr)

Several members of the Trump Cabinet are under scrutiny for alleged ethics violations after reports of using taxpayer dollars for personal travel or spending huge sums of money on office furniture, and a government waste watchdog says much clearer ethics rules would make a huge difference.

Several Trump administration Cabinet officials have raised eyebrows. Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price resigned last year after reports of using taxpayer dollars to take private flights to various events. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin are under fire for questionable travel expenses. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Housing Secretary Ben Carson are facing questions about lavish spending on office decor.

So do stories like these suggest the Cabinet secretaries have a stunning disregard for taxpayer dollars, or is it the result of a labyrinth of confusing ethics rules that leave these officials wondering



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