Corporal Klinger Used To Be Good Comedy…Now It’s Reality

The beloved and hilarious character from the hit show MASH…is no longer the stuff of humor.

Is America on it’s way to having men in dresses?

It’s hard to say…but the slippery slope has been greased and our enemies are definitely laughing their collective rear ends off.

Let’s be honest. There have always been gays in the military. There have always been transgenders…who acted male but inside they felt a lot like Bruce Jenner (Yes..his name is Bruce).

That being said…battle is the stuff of legend. It is hard and violent, terrible, dark,  and it is ridiculously masculine…right or wrong.

The enemy won’t care what damn bathroom you identify with or if you want to cut of your male parts and wear a dress. They would be happy if you were dead…no matter if you identified with a living person or not!

According to the Daily Mail people from more…



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