Cops hit border crossings in search of bomb ingredients

A massive search project has been conducted in Southeast Asia in a new crackdown on bomb-making materials and the experts who assemble them, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Officials with INTERPOL, the cross-border police agency, said the outreach had multiple purposes.

One was to work on preventing the movement across international borders of bomb-builders and the chemical material they use to terrorize the world.

As part of that effort, the project called Operation Watchmaker had officers review 35,000 passengers and more than 270,000 pieces of luggage and cargo crossing borders between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“With participating countries exchanging watch-lists of suspected bomb-makers to crosscheck their potential movement across borders, more than 6,500 fingerprint and facial images of travelers were collected during the operation for further checks against INTERPOL’s dedicated databases,” the new report this week said.

Chemical tests were used to make sure the cargo matched the bill



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