Conservatives Did You Hear What President Trump Just Said? [Video]

After hearing this part of the President’s speech is very important to ask: Are you listening? The 2018 midterm elections never go very well for the dominating party. That is just a historical fact. The President is very aware of it and he wants you to be as well. Do you like your tax cuts? Do you like the job that the President is doing? Then you and your friends need to be energized in the midterms like nobody’s business. You do know what Maxine waters wants to do?

As Written and Reported By Cameron Cawthorne for the Free Beacon:

President Donald Trump said Friday that Republicans must not be “complacent” going into the 2018 midterm elections because if they are, then Democrats will perform well and subsequently repeal tax cuts and the Second Amendment.

Trump emphasized the importance of Republican voters staying active and being enthusiastic about the upcoming elections in



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