Consequence for “Serious Error” in Flynn/Trump Report by ABC’s Brian Ross: 4 Week Suspension

The term “fake news” is thrown around a lot lately. However, when a news story reports implies a possibly impeachable offense that instantly tanks the stock market and causes other widespread implications turns out to be wrong, there ought to be serious consequences.

On Friday, news outlets were frantically reporting updates on that Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI officials about conversations he had with Russia’s Ambassador. The MSM waited for the “smoking gun” to be discovered that would lead to the end of the Trump administration. ABC’s Brian Ross believed he had found it.

Ross reported on air, during a “special report” that it was revealed that then-candidate Trump directed Flynn to contact the Russians. This was untrue. Blatant “fake news.” Were it true, it would have been the bombshell the MSM had been waiting for. They have been salivating for a year waiting to prove



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