Congressman: Firing Mueller ‘should be on the table’

U.S. Capitol rotunda (Matt H. Wade, Wikipedia)

The conventional wisdom on Capitol Hill is that it would be a mistake politically for the White House to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein or other officials for their performance in the Russia collusion investigation.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ind., told the Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto Friday afternoon he doesn’t know the mind of the White House on the issue, but Congress should be prepared to use any power at its disposal.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio

“I think if the Justice Department doesn’t clean up their act and start giving the information that we as a separate and equal branch of government are entitled to, I think everything should be on the table, as far as Congress goes,” he said.

“Contempt, impeachment and calling for resignations is clearly on the table, because we are fed up,” the Republican lawmaker

Art Moore

Art Moore

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