Congressman Asks Authorities to Arrest Illegals That Attend State of the Union

You wouldn’t think it was an unreasonable request, normally. If there are people that are here illegally, likely using fake IDs, trying to enter the Capitol for the State of the Union Speech, they should be arrested. It simply makes sense. If there is a place that needs to rely on strict security it certainly should be our Capitol Building on the night of the State of the Union! However, there will likely be no arrests, …at least not yet.

I know it is completely politically incorrect to acknowledge it, but it is mind-boggling to me that people who break our laws have this entitlement attitude and would have the nerve to even show up to this event! To flaunt their illegal behavior at an event like the State of the Union will gain them no sympathy from the right. And while they would likely say they don’t want



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