Congress should #releasethememo, as they say on Russian Twitter

The fallacy that the Russian Bots are pushing the #Releasethememo hashtag on social media is laughable. What is not laughable is the number of secrets and implied events (lies) that are also out there. Take a sardonic look at all the issues that are swirling around both sides of the aisle. If all of these questions get answers, there will be a vast draining of the swamp. Look for more than just the FISA memo.

As Written and Reported By Eli Lake for Bloomberg:

I agree with the Kremlin. Congress should #releasethememo, as they say on Russian Twitter. Vladimir Putin is dead wrong on Olympic drug testing, Crimean independence and Syrian genocide. But his bots have a point when it comes to the House Intelligence Committee.

For the uninitiated, Republican staff members on that committee drafted a summary of material turned over from the FBI and Department of Justice. This document reportedly alleges abuses in



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