Congress needs to rein in out-of-control social media giants while there’s still time

It’s become increasingly clear that Big Liberal Social Media outlets and other Silicon Valley tech giants like Google are out of control.  As we and others reported the last few days, Twitter has implemented a new set of rules and has engaged in what has is seen by many as a tyrannical “purge.”  Combine that with a near-monopoly on information and ad revenue by Facebook and Google — sites known to have a strong far-left point of view — and the result is an Orwellian suppression of content by those whose opinions fall somewhere on the right of center.

Consider this from the Wall Street Journal:

Google is used for nearly 90% of online searches in the U.S. A Pew survey this summer found that the four most popular social-media sites for getting news are Facebook, YouTube (owned by Google), Twitter (which has a Google partnership), and Instagram (owned by



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