Computer Outage Paralyses Bank of America for Hours

Bank of America customers reportedly were locked out of their accounts in a system outage that lasted several hours.

The problem, which generated complaints from customers across the U.S., prevented people from accessing accounts on smartphones and other devices, the Charlotte Observer reported.

BofA spokeswoman Jumana Bauwens said the issue began earlier Wednesday but that as of mid-afternoon the number of affected customers was continuing to decline. “Some customers may have been unable to access some of our online and/or mobile banking applications,” Bauwens told the Observer.

“We have identified the solution and are updating systems now. Many customers who experienced difficulty initially are now operating normally.”

Problems began in the late morning, East Coast time, according to, which tracks accounts of system outages, the Financial Times reported.

The second-biggest US bank by assets wouldn’t say how many customers were affected nor say what had caused the problems, although…



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