Company Cancels Woman’s 2nd Interview For Asking About Wages – WTF?

A company in Canada canceled one woman’s second job interview after she inquired about the benefits and compensation for the role.

“Your questions reveal that your priorities are not in-sync with those of SkipTheDishes,” reads the email HR wrote to Taylor Byrnes, BuzzFeed reports. “At this time we will not be following through with our meeting this Thursday.”

In a follow-up email, the company continued, “We believe in hard work and perseverance in pursuit of company goals as opposed to focusing on compensation. Our corporate culture may be unique in this way, but it is paramount that staff display intrinsic motivation and are proven self-starters. For these reasons, questions about compensation and benefits at such an early stage is a concern related to organizational fit.”

A shocked Byrnes took to Twitter in response,…



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