Community colleges ready for campus carry

When Texas’ four-year universities were forced to accept campus carry a year ago, large protests were staged by students unhappy with the idea of more weapons on campus. With a state mandate to allow guns on campuses, the protests had little effect. In the year since the law took effect, though, few ill effects have been reported.

Brazoria County’s community colleges are unlikely to see rallies today when two-year colleges fall under the campus-carry requirement, with both Alvin Community College and Brazosport College preparing for the day by engaging students and faculty well ahead of time.

“Over the course of several campus forums, we have fielded questions from students and staff regarding the law,” Alvin Community College President Christal M. Albrecht said in an emailed response. “The feedback has been mostly neutral. Many of the questions were focused on which areas of the campus would still not allow weapons.”



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