Common Core Failure: Doctors Say Children Can’t Hold Pencil Anymore

One of the HUGE pieces of Common Core was trading paper and pencil for electronic devices in the classroom with pre-loaded curriculum that parents were not allowed to view, and the results have been catastrophic.

A group of doctors is now saying young children in the digital generation can’t even hold a pen or pencil anymore.

Senior pediatric doctors are stating that the overuse of touchscreen phones and tablets is preventing children’s finger muscles from developing sufficiently to enable them to hold a pencil correctly.

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“Children are not coming into school with the hand strength and dexterity they had 10 years ago,” pediatric occupational therapist Sally Payne said. “Children coming into school are being given a pencil. They are increasingly not be able to hold it because they don’t have the fundamental movement skills.”

Pediatricians are blaming the erosion of basic motor



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