COMMENTARY: Why Trump Must Reject the Paris Accord

President Trump is opting out of the Paris Accord on climate change. In response, this story was released by The Associated Press: “World powers lined up against U.S. President Donald Trump on climate change, reaffirming their support for international efforts to fight global warming.” The image the media want to create is that US leadership is being abdicated by Trump. Democrats are wishing that their golden boy Obama occupied the Oval Office. He would show us how a real leader behaves. NOT. Sorry, children, but Obama messed things up two years ago. Fortunately, it is not too late for Trump to fix the mess. He can do so by recognizing the top three reasons for dumping the Paris Accord:

There is a preponderance of evidence that global warming is a giant hoax. The Paris Accord is a disguised attempt by the UN and EU to redistribute economic resources and…



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