COMMENTARY: Tyranny of the Minority

On a prominent left-leaning TV talk show, a conservative guest was asked if she believed that white people could be the objects of racism. Her affirmative response was greeted with an onslaught of laughter, sarcasm, and derision. As I listened to her being reduced to a figure of foolishness, it occurred to me that not only are white people the objects of racism but we are at a point in our social history where traditional values are being turned upside down.

The Left has invented “white privilege,” a concept describing the alleged unfairness of societal privileges that benefit all people identified as white. Despite the rhetoric, it is a racist attack on white people. “White people are the only group in the country that is discriminated against via Affirmative Action by official government policy,” wrote John Hawkins at Look at the headlines:

Obama’s Lackey Tells Students “There Are Too…



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