COMMENTARY: The Latest Assault on Free Speech

For some time, I have been warning about the Democratic Party’s campaign to destroy the First Amendment. The Democrats have already begun to silence anyone who denies global warming, criticizes Islamic terrorism, or advocates a stronger military. The latest salvo against free speech relies on the cancer known as political correctness.

In this new barrage, Elizabeth Warren serves as Big Sister’s attack dog. Did you hear Warren’s sexist, foul-mouthed, hypocritical attack on Donald Trump? She chastises him for calling HRC—Big Sister—a “nasty woman.” Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett put Trump’s comment in perspective when he said, “Hillary Clinton is a woman and she is nasty, so what’s the problem?” Warren doesn’t quite see it that way.

Sounding like she was infected by a rabid dog, Warren screams at Trump, “We’ve had it with guys like you!” Guys like you. Can you imagine? Warren was parroting HRC’s boast that she has…



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