COMMENTARY: The Deep State’s Tenticles Reach Far Beyond Washington DC

America is under attack by the Deep State. From big cities to small towns, no corner of the country is immune. I am not being salacious or inflating the situation when I make that statement. Everyday citizens have experienced swat style raids complete with riot gear, battle ready agents kicking down doors, ripping people from their beds, slamming them to the ground with knees to the back, followed by unwarranted arrest and hours of interrogation. I am one of those people.

My name is Chris Kortlander and I own and operate the historic town of Garryowen, Montana. I am the founding director of the Custer Battlefield Museum, a 501(c)3 non-profit. I served as a Big Horn County sheriff’s deputy for years and also received the Governor’s Tourism Person of the Year award as a tireless promoter of tourism for several decades. After a lifetime of protecting and promoting history and…



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