COMMENTARY: The Crazy People Are Taking Over the Asylum

Last week I wrote an article entitled “Tyranny of the Minority.” My thesis is that minority special interest groups are using the banners of “equality” and “diversity” as a power grab. The intention is to impose their agendas on the majority with no regard for fairness or the democratic process. Here is an excerpt from that article:

“What we are observing is really a grab for power by vocal minority groups, especially radical feminist women, blacks, gays, and Muslims. Minority special interests are attempting to convince the white majority that it should submit to the minority will. Minority mouthpieces are not satisfied with equality. Gloria Steinem believes that “the best man for the job is a woman.” Rev. Al Sharpton wants to run the show, to be “more equal.” Muslims want to supplant the Constitution with Sharia. What better way to accomplish these goals than by convincing the rest…



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