COMMENTARY: The 28th Amendment

We are witnessing the rise of a new “right” which, if liberals had prevailed in the recent election, might have been glorified in the form of a constitutional amendment. It would read something like this:

“The 28th Amendment: A state, city, or individual may choose which laws they wish to obey and which laws they wish to disregard without risk of legal consequences.”

For example, let’s say that the mayor of New York City decides that murder is no longer a crime. “If you commit murder in Chicago,” the mayor might declare, “come to New York and you will not be prosecuted.” Or let’s consider the possibility, as hypothesized by Mark Levin, that anyone who commits murder will be exonerated if they are raising a family.

“New Yorkers value the importance of family over all other considerations. If you commit murder in New York, you will not…



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