COMMENTARY: Open Skies Opponents are Left Wingers and Obama Former Staffers

The most vocal opponents of agreements that protect competition and keep consumer prices down in air travel is something called the “Open Skies” agreements.  These agreements allow the free markets to work in aviation because they restrict government interference in routes, pricing and capacity.  These are agreements that restrain the government from aviation protectionism.

It appears that the large airlines and pilot unions have continued to hire left wing lobbyists to undo these free market agreements. It makes sense, because protectionism and restricting free markets is an idea that has had the long-time support of the left.  It is odd that a Republican Congress and the Trump Administration would listen to a bunch of former Obama Administration partisans who funneled cash to the doomed Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

Left wingers, the big three airlines and unions are the biggest proponents of restricting access to foreign owned airlines.  The big…



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