COMMENTARY: Obama Administration Hurt Missile Defense – Now We Are Paying the Price

The Obama Administration implemented a so called “Obama Doctrine” of foreign policy that negatively impacted the security of America in many respects.  One way was to implement some heavy-handed bureaucracy that made it hard to deploy the missile defense tools that are needed today to defend against threats like North Korea and Iran.  They also failed to stress the best technology to protect the homeland from attack.

Congress and the Trump Administration have an opportunity to follow through on the promise of America first, but they will need to appropriate money for some existing technologies and remove the bureaucratic barriers to success.

Congress needs to make sure to focus spending money on the technology that works.  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration did not invest wisely. Right now, Americans are worried about a rogue nation like North Korea launching a nuke at the United States and, as a result, there needs to…



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