Commentary: Mr. Sessions – Don’t Undermine the Tenth Amendment

Will Attorney General Jeff Sessions singlehandedly undercut President Trump’s efforts to drain the swamp?

That is the question that political observers in Washington are asking as rumors swirl that Mr. Sessions is considering a request by lobbyists representing Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson to overturn state laws as they pertain to online gaming. Such a move would not only be cronyism of the highest magnitude, but would undermine the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.

Gambling is a contentious issue, but like most contentious issues the Framers of the Constitution relied on Federalism to settle difficult questions. As such, gambling laws have been the prerogative of the states since the founding of the Constitution. Some states allow gambling and others do not. Nevada, for instance, not only has casinos but also allows citizens within their borders to participate in online games of change. Some states, like Utah, do not even have…



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