COMMENTARY: Islamic Immigration – A Package Deal

Once again, I hear the old chorus of apologists for Islam as they talk down to us, preaching that compassion justifies mass Muslim immigration into the US. Actress Angelina Jolie justifies it by calling Islam a “beautiful religion.” President Obama called it the “religion of peace.” What the hell is wrong with these people? Nothing is beautiful or peaceful about a religion that demands death for apostates, nonbelievers, and homosexuals; intolerance of other faiths; and the medieval subjugation of women and children. Sorry, Angelina. Murder, intolerance, and misogyny are not the hallmarks of a beautiful religion.

Yet the apologists argue that accepting immigrants is the American way. That we are a nation of immigrants. That the president’s ban on immigration from dysfunctional Middle Eastern countries is contrary to America’s noblest traditions. That by closing the door to Muslims, we are violating freedom of religion. While it is true that



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