COMMENTARY: Inside The Mind Of Hillary

Hillary Clinton loves two things; pantsuits and power. Pantsuits are easy to get. Power, especially the power of the Presidency, is a bit harder. Not long ago she asked, “isn’t it about time for a woman to be President?” Time and gender, she suggests, should qualify her to be President. But underneath this quest for power is her fault line, vulnerability.

When it comes to her pantsuits Bill and Hillary have had disagreements. She prefers pantsuits and he  does not. To understand why Hillary loves the pantsuits, and why it matters in understanding her, we need to consider her past, her parents, her feminist strivings.

Hillary Clinton comes from a family of divided sympathies. Her father, Hugh, was a Republican. Her mother, a Democrat, held her views quietly. But her mother did not hold back views that Hillary should engage whatever in life she wanted. Her father was a sour…

Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman

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