Commentary: Hypocrisy on Display in Brookhaven, Georgia

Who would think that Brookhaven, Georgia would be the center of a diplomatic dispute between Japan and South Korea?  But they are.

Brookhaven has decided to take a stand against the sexual exploitation of women by erecting a statue to honor “comfort women” who were exploited during World War II.  This town is the venue for the statue, because the town has a large Korean population and they wanted to use the city’s agreement to erect a statue to embarrass the Japanese government and Japanese people living in the area.  This issue has caused great diplomatic problems between South Korea and Japan.

The facts of the exploitation are in dispute. According to a New York Times report from earlier this year “The issue of the women has been one of the most emotional disputes between South Korea and Japan. Historians say that at least tens of thousands of women, many of them…



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