COMMENTARY: How Big is the Saudi Deal?


The deal that the King of Saudi Arabia and President Trump signed this past weekend is worth just under $400 billion. Currently, the GDP of the Kingdom is $649 billion annually. While the deal takes place over ten years, it may well be the biggest arms deal ever between the United States and Saudi Arabia since oil was discovered in the Kingdom in 1938.  Every billion dollars infused into the US economy from this deal adds 2,500 jobs or more, and in this case, at least 1,000,000 good paying, new jobs will be created for Americans.

For those of you who did not hear the speech, let me give you my take as to what I thought were the highlights. These are not necessarily in order of importance:

Trump showed leadership and compassion.  His comments about the Muslim people, their culture, and their history were respectful yet challenging. He…



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