COMMENTARY: Finally We Have a President

Although I do not think John F. Kennedy was a great president, I have always been in awe of his ability to communicate. His press conferences in particular showcased the man’s easy charm, intelligence, and self-assurance. No president has come close, except perhaps “the great communicator,” Ronald Reagan. I choose not to include Obama because, despite his deceptive charm, he was an inveterate liar who fell asleep whenever deprived of his teleprompter. On February 16th we were treated to a resurrection of JFK’s talent. The 45th president proved to anyone willing to listen that he deserves to sit in the Oval Office.

At his press conference, Donald Trump demonstrated the brilliance of his intellect. He revealed a complete grasp of the issues and easily handled question after question with aplomb. You think that’s easy? Try it some time. The agile workings of Trump’s mind were on display. The pseudo-experts who…



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