COMMENTARY: Democrats on Withdrawal from the Paris Accord: “Don’t Do What I Do, Do What I say.”


Soapboxis reported on the 25 dirtiest cities in the world and not one American city is in the top 25.  Politifact, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, reported that 15 out of the 20 worst polluted cities in the world are in India and China, who, by the way, have exemptions under the Paris Accord. China has suggested that its CO2 emissions will most likely peak in 2035, but no guarantee. Forbes magazine in a recent article ranked the top 10 dirtiest cities in America, and Democratic mayors run all ten. If Democrats are so committed to climate change, why do they run the most polluted cities in America? What are their plans to clean the air and lower the temperature in these cities?

97.4% of Claims about Climate Change Were Wrong.

A new study by a “group of mean reactionary science purists” at the Journal Nature Climate Change…



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