Comment: Anti-gunner wants CFL writer ‘shot…preferably in the face’

CFL’s Dave Workman. Who would want to shoot a nice guy like this?

In the days since the high school attack in Parkland, Florida, rhetoric about guns has ramped up to a fever pitch, but nothing has come close to what happened in reaction to a Dec. 28 report on firearms and self-defense in the U.S. during 2017, sent by an unidentified anti-gunner.

The message in response to the article was short and ugly:

Guns are an emotional subject, some suggest they are even toxic. But the tone of the message signals just how extreme the gun control crowd can get. A few years ago, CFL’s Joe Newby received a message from one person who advocated the extermination of National Rifle Association members.

This raises a question about gun control advocates. How can you have a rational conversation with someone who wants you dead?

It also reveals something



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