Comey book deal targeted in Freedom of Information case

James Comey

Fired FBI chief James Comey often is portrayed by legacy media outlets, the networks and old-line newspapers, as the “last honest man in Washington,” according to a commentary in the Federalist.

But he’s also the agent who may have played a key role in transforming the file of campaign “dirt” the Clinton campaign bought into “evidence” in a secret court proceeding where permission was granted for the government to spy on the Trump campaign.

He also admitted to leaking private information from Oval Office conversations to a friend to give to a newspaper to trigger the appointment of a special counsel to look into the Russiagate allegations that resulted from the “dirt” dossier.

He’s almost become a controversy as himself, with two lawsuits over his memos, another about his memos and other records, and yet another over classified information and his handling of that.

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