Come On Facebook NOT AGAIN!

By Joe Newby

Facebook’s take down a page helping Veterans who suffer from PTSD. Soon all that will be left for Facebook to block will be pages dedicated to helping widows and orphans. Whether the powers that be will find something in these pages that violate their community standards remains to be seen.

On Sunday, the social media outlet unpublished a page dedicated to military veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The page, titled “Freedom Don’t Come Free & Devildoc,” had over 173,000 followers. Facebook’s actions were purportedly driven by this image:

Julie Leonard, the site’s founder, is the mother of a PTSD sufferer. She herself also suffers from the condition.

“I am a strong advocate for all our military, veterans, their families and all those who are affected by PTSD,” she told us in an email.

Leonard said she started the page on Dec. 21, 2012



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