Colorado Schools Arming/Training School Employees To Be Armed First Responders

Some school districts in Colorado are finally realizing that nothing stops a bad guy with a gun faster than a good guy with a gun. They are beginning a program to train school employees to carry guns as first responders in their schools.

Under current Colorado law, school staff members with permits can carry concealed guns in school so long as they have been designated as a security officer. So this week, educators are preparing to become security officers by heading to the gun range for specialized training.

“Over a three-day session, 17 school personnel will be taught at a Weld County range near Denver on how to become ‘armed first responders.’

“They will be taught by the ‘Faculty Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response’ group or FASTER, for short.

“The ‘FASTER’ group was founded in response to the devastating 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“They say the…



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