Colorado Middle School Puts GUNS In The Hands Of Kids

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In today’s culture it sounds outrageous, but why?

We teach our kids about sex in school. Why? To keep them safe and fill in the holes from parents unsure how to do it.

Why not do the same with weapons? Many parents are uncomfortable about the subject and firearm knowledge can save your life.

In Colorado City, Colorado they are doing just that. Teaching Middle School kids gun safety.

The thought of putting a pistol in the hands of a 12 year old…prepare for it…3-2-1 Liberal heads are exploding all over the country at the horror.

The logic is just too much for anti-gun people. Guns are the most dangerous when in the hands of someone  who has no training. That can easily be overcome with training. Why does logic seem so foreign in our world.

Knowledge is power and safety. Keep your finger off the…



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