College Hires Sexually Confused Traitor To Speak On Ethics

California’s UCLA outdoes itself by inviting a traitor, freed by Obama from a 35 year prison term, to speak about ethics. Read on for a recap of who paid for the gender switcharoo, and the Democrat donors making the lecture possible.

Once known as Bradley Manning and now officially Chelsea Manning, the person responsible for leaking state secrets to the web is now an honored guest at UCLA.

“A Conservation with Chelsea Manning”

As a part of the Meyer and Renee Luskin Lecture Series, Manning will give a talk next week on the topics of “ethics in public service” with a dash of “activism and protest.” In materials, Manning is described as:

“an advocate for government transparency and queer and transgender rights.”

Last week, Manning gave a speech to around 800 students at Bard College where they spoke on “personal rights:”

“Whether it’s me as a



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