COLLEGE FOOTBALL is Ruined – 74 Yard Touchdown Called Back for High Stepping

College Football has fallen into an abyss of political correctness and it is ruined. New rules took effect this year that endeavor to keep anyone from getting their feelings hurt by unsportsmanlike celebration and it goes against the game itself.

Last Saturday in Iowa City, Iowa the Iowa Hawkeyes played Northern Texas. Hawkeye running back Akrum Wadley made a beautiful 74-yard catch and touchdown run only to watch it all be canceled by the yellow flag of the referee.

His crime? He “High Stepped” his way into the end zone. That was it. He didn’t taunt anyone. He didn’t spike the ball violently. He didn’t kick an opposing player who was on the ground. He simply reveled in his touchdown with a little fancy footwork. If this is unsportsmanlike, we are lost.

Watch the video and decide if  this was a horrible display or simply part of the game:



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