Coastal Elites Gone Wild! L.A.Times Goes Berserk on Trump [VIDEO]

Having proven ineffectual at deposing the President thus far, coastal elites can only turn up the volume of their hysteria and hypocrisy.

If you want some evidence that we are still winning, you need to read the L.A. Times editorial and see how frustrated the coastal elites have become. According to the L. A. Times editorial board, Donald Trump deserves the headline, “Our Dishonest President.” This from the people who allowed that previous President to repeatedly lie to pass one of the most revolutionary and disastrous laws in history—The Affordable Care Act. We are still dealing with the financial disaster that was promoted by promising anyone who wanted to do so could keep their doctor. Yet that was never worth a statement from the editorial board.

Truly, this piece of hysterical trash shows the coastal elites are afraid.

I thought the first six minutes or so of this CNN commentary…



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