Coach and Entire Team of 8 Year Olds Take a Knee for the Anthem – VIDEO

Disrespecting our National Anthem started with Colin Kaepernick and it’s spread to an entire team of eight-year-olds and their coaches.

Belleville, Illinois which is near St. Louis is where the little kneelers took a stand for racism. Who’s to blame for this disrespect?

The parents, the coaches, the school administration, maybe Colin Kaepernick? What’s to be done about it is an even bigger question.

The school athletic director is “Hoping” kids will honor our flag, but that’s about it.

“I think we all hope they’ll stand for the national anthem, but we have to support the students and their right to free speech,” said Mark Larsen, athletic director at Belleville East.

“Not speaking as a commissioner, but as a government and social studies teacher, I don’t see how you can even go about creating a policy,” he said. “It’s not against the law.”




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