CNN star STUNNED by 24 word comeback (this SHUT HIM UP)

President Donald Trump once called CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta “very fake news” straight to his face — and with good reason.

Critics say Acosta has a habit of trying to insert himself into the middle of stories, rather than be an unbiased journalist.

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On Monday, Acosta took it too far — and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn’t having any of his nonsense. After Acosta tried to overshadow two wounded veterans and make the White House press conference about him, Sanders needed up 24 words to silence him.

Complaining on Twitter after the press conference, Acosta accused the White House of cowardice for not calling on him —

Sanders fired back with a Tweet of her own.

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She pointed out that this press conference was about courage, self-sacrifice and patriotism — things you don’t hear on fake news CNN.

Here’s the press conference Sanders hosted. Notice that Acosta didn’t mention the veterans sacrifice, but tried to make the story about his own so-called “courage.”

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CNN’s shameful bias is unforgivable at this point.

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Every day, it’s just more of the same from CNN. It’s liberal spin and sensationalized editing and straight lies.

In other words, it’s fake news.

— The Horn editorial team

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