CNN star has screaming fit MELTDOWN (live on-air!)

How does CNN star Don Lemon react to hearing a conservative talk about former President Barack Obama’s involvement in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

Not well.

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On Thursday, Lemon suffered an embarrassing, on-air meltdown when confronted by conservative panelist Ben Ferguson — and we have the video.

Faced with unflattering facts about Obama and Hillary, Lemon reacted like a five-year-old child. He screamed “No, no, no!” over Ferguson eleven times in a row, then cut off the live feed and ordered the show to commercial.

It’s this exact kind of hysterical, unhinged meltdown that proves how insane the mainstream media has become.

Lemon and two other panelists, Bakari Sellers and Tara Setmayer, were ranting about how wrong President Donald Trump was in his recent interview with The New York Times.

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Sellers was implying



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