CNN: Manafort Was Wiretapped by US Govt Before, After Election

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped by U.S. investigators under secret court orders — both before and after the election, CNN reported Monday night.

The government surveillance continued into early this year — a period during which Manafort spoke with President Donald Trump, according to the outlet.

The intelligence might have included communications Manafort allegedly encouraged Russians to help with the campaign, according to CNN, which cited three unnamed sources.

Trump has claimed former President Barack Obama had him wiretapped in Trump Tower, though the Justice Department asserted there was no evidence of that.

But the CNN report raises a question of whether his conversations with Manafort were picked up.

Two of the three sources told CNN the evidence is not conclusive.

Separately, The New York Times reported that federal agents, armed with a search warrant, raided Manafort’s Virginia home last July — and prosecutors for special counsel



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