CNN Lies: Claims Senator Ted Cruz is Afraid To Talk About School Shooting

CNN is up to their old lying ways again and this time they are caught (commie) red-handed. They brazenly claimed that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas would not give them an interview and that he was afraid to talk about gun control after the Parkland, Florida school shooting massacre.

But they were caught in their lies and were called on it once again. This is the fake news and this is the Fake News Network. If anything – CNN should be shunned by all social media and all of silicon valley.

The truth is that Cruz had already done a 15-minute interview with CNN. They threw a fit because Cruz went on Fox & Friends before he went on CNN. Trolls.

Cruz presented his very specific views and ideas for preventing future massacres to CNN. But that didn’t stop Chris Cuomo from publicly taunting Cruz as a coward for



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