CNN know-it-all stunned when 5 people said… WHAT!?

CNN star Martin Savidge gathered a group of Democrats from Youngstown, Ohio to talk about President Donald Trump — but the mainstream media host didn’t get the answer he was expecting.

Outside of the mainstream media, it seems, everyone — even this diverse group of former Democrats with different backgrounds and jobs — agree that Trump is doing a pretty decent job.

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And despite Savidges attempts to get them to agree that Trump is a liar or racist, they stuck to their guns.

“We’re one year in. How’s he doing?” Savidge asked.

“Fantastic,” Rick Green, an ironworker, replied. “Phenomenal!” Geno DiFabio, a machine shop worker, agreed. “Better than I would have ever dreamed,” a woman said.

“I agree. He’s doing wonderful and he’s staying on task,” Derrick Anderson, a pastor, said.

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