CNN Has Gone And Done It Again!

By Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

CNN has done it again, they’ve saddled the facts with an interpretation that has nothing to do with the truth. As someone who lives close to the part of Suffolk County where MS-13 is killing and maiming our youth, I can vouch for the fact that the vast majority of the community was pleased with the President’s visit last Friday assuring the locals that MS-13 days were numbered. However, according to one CNN commentator, President Trump made the speech to appeal to white nationalists. If that was really the case, President Trump was in the wrong place as Brentwood, the town where he made the speech is 69.4% Hispanic, and 13.5% non-Hispanic Black.  

Of the Democratic schemes to delegitimize President Donald Trump, their incessant insistence that the President is a supreme racist may be their most prevalent.  We’ve heard countless tales of hatred and bigotry



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