CNN Bias Revealed Again After Hillary Caught Red Handed With Russia

The collusion between the liberal democrats and the mainstream media has been an abhorrent reality in American culture for far too long. Never is this bias more apparent than it is during election years and times of republican control of our government, meaning that we have been suffering from a double-whammy of partisan hackery over the course of the last year…and then some.

Donald Trump, being the unconventional President that he is, has only exacerbated the left’s ugly approach to “news”, aligning themselves wholeheartedly, and unabashedly, with the “resistance” movement that looks to dethrone The Donald no matter what it takes to do so.

As observers of the American media, we are becoming jaded by the ridiculous slant bestowed upon these outlets, but even the wariest of media travelers will be appalled by the latest figures coming in from the spin-o-sphere.

“In the week since The Hill published new information about

Andrew West

Andrew West

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